Iron Moose Maintenance and Contracting specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of sprinkler/irrigation systems. Proper installation is crucial, but regular inspection and maintenance are equally important to ensure optimal efficiency. Without routine care, certain areas of your lawn may suffer, turning brown or even dying, while unintended areas like driveways, sidewalks, houses, or patio furniture might receive excess water, leading to potential water damage.

Our expertise encompasses various areas, including:

• Sprinkler/Irrigation Design: Crafting systems tailored to your specific landscape needs.
• Installation: Ensuring precise and effective placement of sprinklers for comprehensive coverage.
• Maintenance: Regular checks and adjustments to keep your system operating efficiently.

With our specialization in these areas, we strive to maintain the health and beauty of your landscape while avoiding any unnecessary water-related issues. other services listed below .

Irrigation System Repairs & Maintenance   Spring Openings & preparation for the season   Full Season maintenance and repairs   Winter Blow outs to avoid unwanted build up during the winter freeze   Designing & Installing of new irrigation systems   Rain sensor installation in the spring or fall seasons   Remote controller installation to manage   Valve replacement for automatic sprinkler/irrigation.

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